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The 'Feel Like My Tanks Going Dry' Rag

August 24, 2006 - Thursday

The "Feel Like My Tanks Going Dry" Rag

Hello 2 Boobers!

I have finally taken up my banjo in anger and penned a war protest song for the new millenium. And like everything in this millenium, it is a throwback to yesteryear. I have taken the infamous Country Joe and the Fish song, "Feel Like I'm Gonna Die Rag" and wrote new words for a new Vietnam. You may know it as Iraq.

And it's catchy so I thought you all might want to play along. Here's the words. You can play them to the Country Joe and the Fish chords. (sorry, I would post the chords here, but myspace's blogger doesn't like my mac and it won't let me format or use the sharp sign. Email me if you really need to know.) I've copyrighted the song, so feel free to enjoy singing or playing it. But if you want to broadcast it, record it, or perform it live, contact me for permissions.

The "Feel Like My Tank's Going Dry" Rag
Copyright 2006 by Suzzanne Monk

Gimme a 'C'
Gimme a 'U'
Gimme an 'N'
Gimme a 'T'
What's that spell? CUNT!
What's that spell? CUNT!
What's that spell? CUNT!
What's that spell? CUNT!

Hey there all of you guys and gals,
Lets dish out some money to George and his pals.
The War on Terror's raised the price of oil,
And to the victor then go the spoils.
The Bush Administration's laughing to the bank
While I'm starvin' just to fill my tank.

Cuz it's one, two, three dollars a gallon or more.
They got the apple and we got the core.
Where's the oil we're fightin for.
And it's five, six, seven years, don't hesitate.
Tell your congressman there's no debate
Impeach, 'cuz the world can't wait.

Now little Georgie wants to be like his dad,
So he marched the troups straight into old Baghdad.
Insurgency is growing there everyday,
'Cuz they think Uncle Sam hates the Muslim way.
But it ain't 'bout religion, and it ain't about God.
I'ts 'bout the oil underneath their sod.


Now if you've got some money and you're upperclass,
Then you put your dollars into oil and gas.
And send you're wife out on a shopping spree,
'Cuz all the soccer moms are drivin' SUV's
Don't worry bout supply 'cuz George's got a plan.
He'll just go ahead invade Iran.


Hey now all of you college lads,
Cost of tuition got you feelin' sad?
Army recruiter's got a hell of a plan.
He'll ship you to Iraq to work for Uncle Sam.
When you get back you'll have the G.I. Bill,
But it looks like you never will.


So if you love America, then join the pack,
And send your son or daughter to Iraq.
We're spreading democracy throughout the land.
And don't forget the oil underneath their sand.
Occupation is a beautiful thing,
Can't you hear the bells of freedom ring?


George Bush is a CUNT!


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