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Gays, Christians and the Reality of Marriage

June 5, 2006 - Monday

Gays, Christians and the Reality of Marriage
(repost from 2005)

According to the US Supreme Court decision last year to legalize sodomy, it is now legal to take it (or give it) in the ass. State laws that have been on the books for decades making anal sex punishable by law were shot down by the high court's decision. Now, at long last, gay men and kinky heterosexuals alike can ass boink in freedom, without fearing a police raid mid thrust.

But freedom for ass sex has brought with it the new gay mantra. "Legalize Gay Marriage!" Gay activists have seized the day in order to further their agenda of legal gay marriage in the US. And the conservatives are in an uproar about it, stumbling over themselves to make new laws defining marriage as heterosexual, "between a man and a woman". And the press is enjoying all the racy material. Sodomy! Gay Marriage! Heterosexual! Words like that sell papers. The news hasn't been so sexual since the Clinton scandal days. Even the Pope got a little press out of the deal. And so on and so on.

Liberals argue that legal marriage is the right of every citizen and to deny the right to marry is to deny a person's humanity. Conservatives claim that allowing gays to marry will decay the institution of marriage and then destroy society and humankind as we know it. To all these people marriage is the lynch pin of a healthy society. They all take marriage to be this sacred state of being.

Marriage in reality is far from sacred. It is as mundane as it comes. Dishes, mortgages, work, kids. Trying to find time to squeeze in some intimacy between work and laundry and dinner. It is a full time job, an all the time job, a balancing act between partners, lovers, parents and hopefully friends. And there are a few job skills that one needs to do the job well: compassion, consideration, compromise to name a few. Watching the way the pundits have brutalized each other over this issue, it seems neither group has the tools for marriage anyway. Both sides seem really busy walking around with the wrong kind of head stuck up their asses.

So let me respond to both sides.

To the conservatives I say this: America is a secular nation. If you want a religious state to enforce your "moral" opinions as law, move to Vatican City, or become Muslim and move to Iran. Gay marriage isn't going to ruin the institution of marriage. The institution was born flawed. It was born as a means of controlling valuable property; namely women and children. Explain dowries, brideprices and white virginal dresses (the safety seal on a woman to make sure she wasnt tampered with.) Even today the father still 'gives away' the bride. Anyway, you all should stop trying to control everyone else's behavior and get your own life right. Start with, "Judge not lest ye be judged" or "whoever is without sin throw the first stone."

To the liberals I say this: Marriage is not a ticket into society's loving, accepting arms. Legalizing gay marriage will not free you from the shackles of second rate citizendom. It will not tear down the fences between you and your suburbanite neighbors. It will not make your partnerships more fulfilling. It will however allow the government more control in your life. Along with marriage rights come divorce rights, where a single sexual infidelity can be legal grounds for a lifetime of alimony. Where monogamy is part of the law, and where what you do (or don't do) in the bedroom is grounds for divorce. Marriage laws will always allow the government access into our private sexual lives because marriage is about our private sexual lives. If the liberals want everyone to be free to make their own sexual choices, they should be fighting to get government legislation out of marriage instead of giving more relationships over the province of political moralism.

To everyone else I say this: People are gay. Get over it. To each his own. Live and let live. Different strokes for different folks. And if we can get a whole new group of folks to pony up the fee for a marriage license, let em'.

The states could use the revenue.


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