Friday, May 8, 2009

His publicist must be pissed...or why I am so happy Drew Peterson's in jail.

You may have heard about Drew Peterson, IL police officer who is the main suspect in not one but two of his wives deaths/disappearances. What is it about dudes named Peterson? Here's the back story.

(from CBSnews)
"CBS/AP) Former Bolingbrook, Ill. police sergeant Drew Peterson is being held on $20 million bond after he was arrested for allegedly murdering his third wife, Kathleen Savio.

His fourth wife, Stacy Peterson, is missing, and police say they consider him a suspect in the disappearance, which they've dubbed a possible homicide. But he hasn't been charged and has repeatedly said he thinks Stacy Peterson ran off with another man.

Savio, 40, was found dead in a dry bathtub in her home in February 2004, her hair soaked in blood from a head wound, just before the couple's divorce settlement was finalized. At first, her death was ruled an accidental drowning.

But when Stacy Peterson, who was 23 at the time, vanished in October 2007, Savio's family became suspicious and had Savio's body exhumed. Authorities later declared her death a homicide made to look like a drowning. " (end quote)

So that's Drew. Great guy. Just ask his publicist. That's right, publicist. Drew Peterson has used his months in the shadow of his dead and missing wives as a vehicle to stardom. Over the past few months, Peterson hired publicist Glenn Selig (also Blago's publicist) to pitch his story to the TV vultures. It nearly paid off, too. Recently, Peterson's publicist was in talks for a deal with a Nevada brothel to cast Peterson in a reality show about the brothel. Here's the info on Drew's big career move.

Brothel Offers Drew Peterson Role on Reality Show

But too bad for Drew. He was finally arrested today on charges of murder against his third wife. And since they only give you one phone call, Drew, maybe you can use that call to get your publicist on the phone and see if he can't get you a guest spot on the TV show "Lock Up".

For once people, justice may be served. But I am happy that Karma is such a bitch, too. Because nothing is more disgusting than getting famous for "killing" your wives. And sometimes Karma shows up as your new cellmate, Bubba. Have fun, Drew, see ya in court.


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