Friday, May 29, 2009

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, what you gonna do? What you gonna do when cops are bad, too?

I am madder then a bunch of bees in an empty honey jar! This week in Oklahoma, an EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) while driving a patient to the hospital was pulled over and assaulted by an Oklahoma Highway Patrol Officer. Here's the article and an excerpt...
An Emergency Medical Technician who was involved in a scuffle with an Oklahoma Highway Patrol trooper is speaking out about the incident.

Maurice White, Jr. is a critical care paramedic with the Creek Nation EMS. He was nearly arrested after the confrontation, which was captured by the cell phone of Kenyada Davis.

White says the officer was in a rage when he approached them and yelled "get your a-- back here! I am giving you a ticket for failure to yield." White says he told the trooper they had a patient in the ambulance and that they were on their way to the hospital.

"He ignored my statement, became even more belligerent, and demanded my partner come to his patrol car so he could write him a ticket," White says. "I calmly told the officer that we were transporting a patient and we could continue this at the hospital."

White says the trooper then approached him and shouted "you are under arrest for obstructing a police officer" and grabbed his arm to handcuff him. A brief struggle followed, at which point the trooper grabbed White by the throat. The cell phone captured this incident on video. (end Excerpt)


Now I went ahead and read the entire statement of the EMT to see what wrong, if any he(they) had committed. The ambulance White was in had yielded to police cruisers as soon as it was aware. White remained calm throughout, only resisting arrest long enough to get his patient to the hospital, where he turned himself over to the troopers (who after a call to base, decided that arresting an EMT for doing nothing after you, the officer, had assaulted him was unwise.)

But here's the most outrageous part. EMT White repeatedly asked the officers where he could report the assault that the original officer had committed against White. Officers arriving on the scene, IN COMPLETE DERELICTION OF THEIR DUTY, told White, "We don't take complaints or charges against other officers." When White asked who he should report the crime to (assaulting an EMT in the line of duty is a felony), the officer told him "It's not our job to tell you where to report the incident". That is, of course, a lie. After much pressing, the officers gave White the name of the office of investigations for police complaints.

So these cops stopped an EMT while IN ROUTE to the hospital with a PATIENT, threaten him, assault him, and then lie to cover up their misdeed. Why? Could it be like the officers said, "the driver flipped me off"? Or could it be that Trooper "Honky" didn't like to see a big black man with a job? Either way, these are NOT the kind of folks who should be carrying a gun, and defending our laws, and running around with impunity, commiting hate crimes at their liesure.

Recently in Chicago, an off duty cop, driving drunk, killed a young teen and left the scene of the accident. He was arrested, but for "some reason" he wasn't given a breathalizer until 4 HOURS had passed. His levels were just under the legal limit at that time, but the family charges that the cops gave their fellow unfair treatment.

Cops are out of control, and power mad. We must immediately rethink how we select officers, and what criteria and tests we perform to ensure that only those who are able to "protect and serve" the public are given the authority of a badge. Because, as it stands now, many cops are as criminal as the perps they chase, and who polices the police? That's right, no one. To steal from Marge Simpson, "America became a fascist police state so gradually, I hardly even noticed. "


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