Friday, June 19, 2009

Illinois Legalization - Two Steps Forward and Two Stupid Steps Back.

Illinois is trying hard to become a Pot-gressive state. Recent legislation has put medical marijuana on the map in Illinois, and it looks like we have a real chance for legal medical marijuana in this legislative session.


"SPRINGFIELD---- The push to legalize medical marijuana in Illinois has taken a big step forward.

The Illinois Senate voted 30-28 in favor of it on Wednesday. The bill now goes to the Illinois House, where a committee passed a medical marijuana measure earlier this year.

State senators who backed the measure say it will help relieve the pain of sick people so they won't try to illegally obtain the drug.",w-senate-medical-marijuana-bill-052709.article

Awesome! That's some good news! Let's just hope some Illinois politician doesn't come along and do something stupid to ruin it. Wait, what's that news story there? Oh, what the hell is this?


IL Rep. Kirk Wants Tougher Penalties for Super Pot

Associated Press
1:37 PM CDT, June 15, 2009

CHICAGO - Congressman Mark Kirk and law enforcement officials say tougher drug penalties are needed to combat the high-potency marijuana that's hitting the streets.

Kirk announced a bill Monday that targets drug dealers caught with the powerful pot called "kush." It would impose stiffer penalties than if dealers are caught with regular marijuana.

Kirk says he wants federal drug laws to keep up with what dealers are selling on the streets. He says law enforcement officials in the northern Illinois district he serves brought his attention to the problem.

The new variety of marijuana is stronger because the pot is cultivated hydroponically so growers control light, temperature and humidity to increase the drug content.",0,6156943.story

Oh, holy shamoly, what kinda back woods, hick ass local dufus tries to crack down on "Super Pot"? Who calls it Super Pot? Is this real life or an after school special? Are we living in 1955 worried that little Johnny might go crazy all jacked up on the "Super Pot"?

No it's just Illinois. A state stupid enough to kick itself with it's jack boot. What will we do when medical marijuana is passed? We won't be able to have the high quality dispensaries California has. Sorry you have glaucoma, ma'am, here's some ditch weed.

Hopefully, this Mark Kirk initiative will fail like so many others (even his marriage recently went south). He's not known for big successes. But we gotta give him credit for making Illinois look like the childhood home of Roscoe P Coltrane.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna smoke some Super Pot.



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