Sunday, March 1, 2009

Conflict of Interest Much?

Posted March 1, 2009 - Sunday

This week IL Attorney General Lisa Madigan held a press conference to
release her steps to oust Senator Roland Burris, who as anyone in
America knows, was appointed by impeached governor Rod Blagojevich.
Unless you've been under a rock.

A quote from Lisa Madigan:

"It is my opinion that the legislature may pass a law allowing the
people of Illinois to elect a U.S. senator to fill the seat vacated by
President Barack Obama. Such a law would be consistent with the U.S.
Constitution. The 17th Amendment expresses a clear preference for
having the people of a state elect their U.S. senators. In keeping with
the purpose of this amendment, the legislature may constitutionally
change the current law to set an earlier date for the election to this
U.S. senate seat. I am providing this opinion to offer guidance to the
legislature as they consider this issue."

Thanks Lisa, glad you could clear that up for us. But Lisa Madigan
isn't talking about how she was in fact the Senate democrats top pick
for Obama's senate seat, now held by Burris. She doesn't mention the
repeated calls and letters from Sen Harry Reid and Wh House Chief of
Staff, Rahm Emmanuel which all listed Lisa Madigan as the most
"acceptable" choice for Barack's replacement (a list which strangely
included no African American candidates). It seems a bit conflicted to
so publicly attempt to oust Burris for obtaining his senate seat
through unscrupulous means, when the same job was to be offered to you,
if the unscrupulous pressuring from Washington's Reid and Emmanuel had
achieved their goals.

Nor does she mention her father, Mike Madigan and his long held
political battle with Gov. Blagojevich and Mike's long held political
ties with Chicago Alderman Richard Mel, who in the early years of
Blago's governorship had a great falling out with Blagojevich because
the governor shut down a environmentally hazardous and corruptly
obtained dump site that Alderman Mel had political ties with. Because
to mention this history might suggest another, more political reason
for IL democrats to be calling for a fellow democrat's ouster from the
Senate for uninvestigated allegations.

Elsewhere in Chicago, corrupt former Alderman Ed Vrdolyak, who pled
guilty in November to scheming to pocket a bogus 1.5 million dollar
finder's fee in a Gold Coast real estate deal that defrauded a
non-profit medical school, received only probation for his crimes of
pay to play politics.

Only in Chicago would we call for the ouster of one man for the
APPEARANCE of improper politicking one the same day that we set a
CONVICTED corrupt politician free. Hypocritical. Well Chicago, and
Congress. Because it is just as hypocritical that the Senate sat by
while corrupt CONVICTED Alaskan senator Ted Stevens held his office and
ran for reelection without so much as a peep from fellow Congress
members, while they use every media outlet possible to pressure Senator
Burris from office without a thorough and complete investigation of the
Burris and Blago connection.

With a proper investigation, we will discover if Roland Burris
committed any crimes or ethics violations. We have not even completed
the investigation against Blagojevich, nor has he been indicted nor a
trial date set for his criminal case, although he has already been
convicted in the court of the media.

But to rush ahead and make accusations and calls for ouster without all
the facts when it comes to ousting America's only African American
senator while having a history of leaving corrupt and politically
embattled white senators in office without so much as a peep seems
unfair at best, and politically (or racially) motivated at worst.


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