Friday, March 27, 2009

Pat Quinn proves Blago was telling the truth!!!

So former Lt. Gov. (and sitting gov) Pat Quinn has had the unsavory pleasure of proving the biggest liar in modern IL politics was telling the truth. At least about Pat Quinn raising taxes.

As some of you might recall, during the multi week scandal that followed the election and the filling of Obama's vacant senate seat, Rod Blagojevich, scandal embroiled governor at the time, suggested that Pat Quinn was trying to get rid of Blago, and when he did, Quinn would raise taxes. We all shook our heads and said, "Oh crazy Blago, stop spinning your web of lies"

But in fact, not 6 weeks after taking over the position of IL governor, Pat Quinn is proposing the first income tax increase in 20 years, and it's a doosy! A 50% increase, from 3%-4.5%. Additionally hopes to levy new gas taxes and raise drivers fees.

Now we must remember that this is on the back of a sales tax increase to pay for a corrupt public transit system, taking our sales tax to 10.25%, one of the highest in the nation. And it's one percent higher in downtown Chicago (11.25%!!!) Add to that the city's new parking policy, which included leasing city parking meters to private companies. These companies jacked up meter fees, and have their own staff to write tickets to violators, yes, you can get a ticket from a corporate schill now. And with only two unpaid tickets allowed before booting, folks are getting backed against a wall in the land of Lincoln. Already meters are being vandalized and drivers are refusing to use the meters. But if Quinn sees his tax increases thru (oh yeah don't forget an additional $1-2 pack cig tax increase and we're already paying $8.75 now!) you may just see riots in the streets.

And the worst of it all will be that when Roddy warned us that Pat Quinn was gonna raise taxes extensively...Roddy was telling the truth. Who woulda thunk it? :-(

Here's the article from the Chicago Sun Times,0,7352846.story


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