Thursday, March 5, 2009

Save the Lioness from the US Government

Hello all! I am once again outraged with our government, our world, and the situation in general, but one particular bee has been buzzing in my bonnet and stinging me in the noggin. Warning, this may piss you off too.

Now we all are aware that we are at war, and we are all pretty clear on
the legal facts that women are not allowed to be serving in combat. Our
military rules continue to refuse women the opportunity to serve in
combat positions, or receive the pay and honors that our combat troups
are afforded. Which is bad enough, from a women's right stand point.

But what if I told you that women ARE serving in combat positions and
risking their lives, but still receive no honors, combat pay, or for
that matter proper combat training? Well, PBS has done the telling for
me, with their recent'y aired documentary, "Lioness".

The Lionesses are women soldiers serving alongside their male
counterparts in Iraq, going from door to door searching, engaging in
gun battles, fighting and living and dying the same lives as male
soldiers, but without the benefits of legal sanction. Our military
leaders and generals know that women are necessary in combat roles and
are using them, even coining the term 'Lioness' to refer to their vital
military role in our modern urban warfare. They are using and deploying
these women strategically into combat, but Congress has yet to approve
this change.

And the worst of it is this: these women enter these combat roles with
inadequate training for combat. (And yet they don't end up like Jessica
Lynch, which is a testament to the skill and ability of these strong
Lioness soldiers). They get on the job training, with a machine gun.

Now this is not only sexist and unfair, it is dangerous military
strategy to send combat troups UNTRAINED FOR COMBAT into a front line
position. Dangerous for the women AND their male cohorts.

All I can say is call your Congressperson and demand a change in our
policy towards women in combat. Oh, and watch this documentary on it.
Here's the Newsweek article about it.

PBS Documentary "Lioness" Follows Women Soldiers

So that's my Outrage of the Week. I'll give you another next week, after I've calmed down. ;-L


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